Monday, August 31, 2009

Super Smash Bros Brawl

I want Wii for the sake to play this game!!

This game is awesome! My very good friend Maiki just return from Japan and yes...she is studying there and return for awhile only. She brought back her Wii and I spend most of my afternoon till evening playing this and since I got no work tomorrow...more like today cuz Merdeka...I'll be going to her house to play.

I had friend said Zelda suck. Well, you guyz suck at using her that why. If you use Zelda correctly, she is quite or really strong. I blow most characters away flying just using her. But her alter-ego is quite weak. I'm gonna work hard and get my hand on PS3 and then get Wii later. I wanna buy all game console that i can get my hand on! XD

You can read some of this game info here

Thursday, August 27, 2009


I nearly lost my life watching this...I literally died stone cold for 3 minute and 20 second while watching this 8D;;;

Monday, August 10, 2009

This year cosplay

This year cosplay some of you might get to see me as Cornelia Li Britannia, her second outfit thou in season 2.

The other one is Elena from Final Fantasy: Advent Children. A character I been wanting to cosplay as since like 2 -3 years ago or maybe a bit longer than that. I wanted a blonde character so I thought I should cosplay as her first. I do like the character even thou I barely see her in action or talk too much. I really was inspired to cosplay as her when my all time favourite cosplayer was cosplaying as Elena.


She and her friend, Laura was my first ever favourite cosplayer and also the first cosplayer i ever discovered when i started to learn the world of cosplay waaaay back in 1998 or 97. They were my inspiration when it come to cosplay and i learn to love cosplay through them too. But sadly she has retire from cosplaying ever since she got married to her SUPER hot Reno which i had a crush on him for awhile when i first saw him cosplaying as Reno. Can i have he's wig?! He's also my inspiration in cosplaying also, i once had the craziest idea to crossplay as a Reno after I did my Elena 8D

So after many years of holding back my Elena project. This year I finally decided that i should start wokring on it now that i am working. Still looking for a tailor to make this costume thou. I wanted to make order with Juin, but it looks like she's gonna close her batch soon and i still don't have the measurement to give to her. If she still open until this Friday, I'll rush to the tailor and get the measurement XD

Well, i think that might be my two only cosplay that I will be doing this year i guess until something like inspiration hits me again. =D

Melaka is now a RED ZONE

My story life in Animasia

Yesterday I went to Guki apartment and she was saying something about her forgetting to turn off the water filter pipe and there water all over her floor. I thought it was nothing serious. Zymz pick me up from the apartment car park.

(Enter Guki apartment)
ME: Guki..! 8D
ME: hurm? *look down*

My reaction when I saw the apartment. There was WATER everywhere! It was an indoor pool already. Like Tsumani just came by to visit!

Glad there was me and Zymz to help. If not it would be forever for Guki to dry the floor up. Alot of mopping and sweeping and towel around the floor which Guki end up with no towel for herself. Not to mention I was shock with the same expression like the pic when I saw Guki kitten, buncit! she isn't fat, she's buncit! It seem to hurt her when we carry her.....need to take her to vet this Friday.

Reno, my kitten. Came right in time after we manage to dry the floor up. So I went to pick him up at the car park and after that he was all merajuk with me cuz I wasn't going to Melaka. I'm sorry. I have personal issue problem...XD;;

He merajuk with me, than he play with me, than merajuk again. LOL XD

At least now he should be very happy that he has found my weakness point which no one knows or would never have ever cross their mind except for my brother. Mati aku....XD;; I'm so sorry me kitten! You can punish your gokujichama any ways that you want 8D;;

Later we found out that Hisashi, who went to Melaka earlier had H1N1 and is now in hospital. So Melaka is a RED ZONE area now. PleasePlease...wear a mask to anyone who is still going there. Actually i still wanna go despite the problems i am having. But now my parent found out about Melaka being red zone, I am not allow to go there until the area is clear with H1N1. So there goes my GACC this year.

Monday, August 3, 2009


Well...not so actively thou. Been working at Animasia so been busy and tired. Will update this website with some updates and pictures and so on. Meantime...enjoy life people. Goodnight...morning 8D;;;

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Boy transform into a cute girl

OMG! He's 10 time prettier and cuter than I am! o___O;;

I don't want to live anymore...I been defeated by a...BOY! *jump into a baby pool and pretend to drown*

Xbox 360 Microsoft unveils new controller - Project Natal

Watch the video! It is soooo cool! I mean the idea that you can really interact with a 3D character is just waaaay to cool. I hope in the future they can make it in a way there is more characters that we can choose from to interact. Each with different personalities and character design. Or even better! We can design them ourselve! But I think by that time we would have children and it will be them getting to play all this cool stuffs!

You can read more about this thing here at Project Natal. It was my dad who was excitedly showing me this just now and now I'm sharing this with you all =)